Chinese Women v. American Women: What to Expect?

It’s no mystery that Chinese women are some of the most well-rounded, classy, respectful, intelligent while sexiest in the world. Chinese women come from family’s that take great pride in themselves, who they are, and who they’ll become. One of the strongest values women from China have are pride, but not in an overzealous sense.

Unfortunately in the United States, American women can often hold themselves differently, curse a lot, drink like a man, spit like a man, and even think like a man. And what kind of man would want to marry a woman that reminds him of a man? While there’s plenty of men out there that might be attracted to this, there are plenty who aren’t.

Much like their families, Chinese women judge the man that they “court” based on what kind of man he is and is likely to be in the future. Whether you’ll be an ideal life partner, what kind of father you’ll make, and whether or not you can genuinely care for and protect her. Not only if you can, but that you actually will.

In America dating is much more casual, one night stands are commonplace, and plenty of women are just “looking to have a good time”. While this is appealing or enjoyable for those that are perhaps a bit younger, unattached, or don’t mind a casual, sexual lifestyle, plenty of men are looking for a woman more serious, has potential, and someone that they want to bring home to their mother or family.

Chinese women in comparison to the women we might be used to in Western culture vary greatly, and for good reason. Let’s consider some of the ways Chinese women are so different than what we’re used to, and why.

Chinese ladies cultural fashion

Chinese Women truly do Care for You

We know that people including both men and women always say that the women they’ve dated or where they’re from has the best women in the world. But, the difference with Chinese women is that this is really true, and they set themselves apart from other women often because of the ways they were raised.

You see, Chinese women were raised to follow orders or directions by their parents, and take social status very seriously. They’re taught that pride and reputation are everything, and can either make or ruin your life.

What this means is that you’re Chinese girlfriend or lover will always aim to please you, but may need a little direction. As long as you’re respectful, kind, and reciprocate the love you can expect to be much more satisfied and happy in your relationship than what you’re used to from the past.

With an American girlfriend, you might notice that things can often be a mystery with what your woman what’s, consisting of you often being too afraid to tell her what and how you really want it – ranging from cooking, outings, all the way to the bedroom. Often American women also have many more sexual experiences and partners in the past, so insecurity and a lack of commitment can be commonplace.

Often, Chinese women are virgins, believe they should stay so until married, or have very few if any sexual partners unless they’re going to get married. Because of this, making love becomes so much more sentimentally valuable, sweet, genuine, and special.

Chinese Women are Proud of their Culture and Will Show It

People in general but especially women from China happen to be some of the most enthusiastic, talented cooks that bake with passion in comparison to most women throughout the entire world.

Chinese women are brought up so closely to their family and are taught how to cook, different cultural recipes, and aim to please you, your appetite, and to keep you healthy. They know how to take care of their man, and they will always watch your back.

It’s not necessarily seen as commonly in America that a woman pays especially such close attention to your health, makes sure you’re always full, and that you’re making healthy decisions.

Women brought up in China are very health smart, but also have a holistic approach to dealing with illnesses, relying on natural remedies and ingredients, but are also still educated and intelligent enough to know when it’s necessary to go to the doctor.

one of the most beautiful faces from China

Chinese Women Know the Role They Want

In today’s day and age in American most women don’t seem to take kindly to discussions about being an “at-home mom”, deny such roles in many cases, and feel as though they’re entitled to the same rights as a man. While no one here disagrees with that in any shape or form, it’d seem as though being with an American woman is often complicated and confusing.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman that wants to work and become educated to start a career, just as it’s fine for said woman to also take care of the children or share responsibilities with the father, who in Chinese culture is typically seen as “the breadwinner”.

The difficulty and confusing troubles that many men have with American women are that they seem to want the best of both worlds, not talk about it, or be judged and seen as a “stay at home mom”, but in really, plenty of them do want this. With Chinese women, they take pride in the ability to be a mother, but are also straightforward enough to let you know what roles they want in a relationship, marriage, and aren’t afraid to take on both.

We’d say the biggest difference here between that and American women is that women in the U.S. and other western cultures often seem to “secretly” complain that they just wish they could stay at home all day with the kids, and even spite their husbands for not giving them that life.

So in a nutshell, Chinese women are incredibly beautiful, intelligent, educated, and culturally relevant. They should not be stereotyped just as any other person or woman, but carry very strong family values, their reputation, and know how to be a good wife and mother to their family.

Your Chinese Lover: Falling in Love (and Staying In Love)

Chinese women are some of the most elegant, hard-working, committed, and family-oriented women in the world. Chinese women are typically very educated, ambitious, know how to have a good time, but also how to be responsible and remain disciplined to the important things in life.

Many western men and foreigners flock to China to meet the woman of their dreams – and often one day wife! Check out some of our tips on meeting, marrying, and keeping your Chinese wife happy.

Not all men understand what to expect from a Chinese woman, so these pieces of advice can be quite helpful in filling in the blanks.happy Chinese family

1) Meeting her family and maintaining a bond – From the beginning of your dating experiences with your Chinese lover you will learn the importance and significance of meeting and maintaining a strong, positive bond with her most important friends and family.

If and when your Chinese girlfriend or wife offers for you to meet her friends and family, know that this is likely the introductory period of her considering settling down with you and marriage.

Moving forward, once you’re married understand that it’s critical, no matter how near or far, that you maintain both the respect and admiration of her friends, family, and loved ones.

The stability, happiness, and likelihood of success in your relationship counts on it! Once married, your Chinese wife’s family will treat you like their own, will always be there for, and remain loyal to you.

Likewise, it’s important you maintain respect, and treat her family members and friends how you’d want them to treat yours. Insulting or failing to create and maintain a bond with her loved one’s is considered a direct insult to her, and will make her feel as though you don’t genuinely love or respect her – at least as much as she believes she deserves.

2) Enjoying her patience and maintaining yours – Chinese women happen to have some of the greatest, most desirable reputation for being both patient and supportive. Therefore, whether you’re living abroad or back at home with your Chinese wife, understand that those many jealous arguments or problem’s you’ve had in the past with women are likely to be non-existent with her. However, this goes both way.

Therefore, expect to remain equally respectful, patient with her, respect her “free time”, relationship with (likely Chinese) friends, and make a genuine effort to trust her too. Chinese women have a reputation for being incredibly committed and devoted to their husbands, so you need not fret.

In fact, her amount of loyalty, love, and trust should help you to remain in sync with one another – just make sure you communicate with her and avoid leaving her “out of the picture” at all costs.

You can expect your Chinese wife to be proud of you, and not be afraid to show you off and introduce you to her closest friends. This should go both ways, so if you’re in a place that you can, it’s recommended that you do – this will add both trust and a bond between you, as well as help avoid arguments or awkwardness in the future.beautiful Chinese woman with sweet smile

3) Be a leader but maintain your respect and integrity – Chinese women, especially once married, have a tendency to trust in, and rely on the man (you) of the household to make the important decisions, whether it’s money related, child related, or work-related. This also applies for the smaller things too.

However, in order for you two to maintain your happiness and a mutual level of respect it is critical that you remain receptive and listen to her wants, needs, thoughts, and opinion of each situation.

You should strive to grow and maintain your Chinese wives’ respect as a leader through trust, mutual respect, and demonstrating an understanding that you know what’s if that’s the case.

This can be shown by demonstrating your wit and willingness to commit, as well as make the best decisions possible for your relationship.

This takes time and does not mean for any reason you should, or have to stop working as a team on the decisions you make together, especially for something like deciding on when to have a child, how many, etc.

Chinese women are very bright, happen to be quite efficient “independent thinkers”, and like to feel heard or acknowledged. Assuming you put your best foot forward, maintain respect, integrity, and do not insult your Chinese lover or attempt to undermine her, it’s very likely that she’ll be open to your views, desires, and abilities to have a child and raise him or her as a Father.

Often, taking into favor what you believe is appropriate for, or necessary, when it comes to rules, consequences, and how you expect each day to play out with you and your new family – from dinner plans to routine, how you interact with one another, all the way to whether or not your children will be expected to be bilingual – such as to include speaking Chinese.simple but elegant look of a Chinese woman

4) Many Chinese women are not religious by nature – If they are, it’s not very “strict”. While this is not the case for every Chinese woman, you should understand and appreciate that it’s more common than not. With that being said, this is understandably something that likely should have been or be discussed prior to getting married.

If for any reason it wasn’t, or you feel like this is a place where you don’t see eye to eye together, then it’s definitely worth addressing and working on. It’s likely that your Chinese wife is quite flexible, has the ability to adapt, and much like her interest in a foreign man, it’s likely that she’ll have an interest in your religion as well – or lack thereof.

In good time, she will likely either hold or minimize some of her Chinese views or modernize them to coincide with your beliefs, culture, and the way you live your life.

Chinese women in particular happen to often fall between a nice combination of traditional and progressive views, as well as maintaining their conservative ways and often taking a liberal viewpoint on life matters.

It is worth taking into consideration that many Chinese women happen to believe strongly in the “goodness of heart” and are by no means unaware of the value and application of morals and ethics in everyday life, including your relationship.

5) Even if she’s fluent, it doesn’t mean she or you can’t continue to learn – Even if you fall in love with and ultimately marry a Chinese woman, the value of speaking and understanding each other’s language should by no means be underestimated.

Even small efforts on your part to practice and understand Chinese will in turn likely motivate her to want to learn English, and meet you half way when it comes to communication.

Overall, improving the general nature, respect, and potential for happiness and success in your relationship. Keep in mind that a Chinese woman (or mans) opinion of “fluency” in a language might not be the same as yours.

But, if you’re in love (and married), then it’s of course worthwhile to make continued efforts to always be on the same page, and be mindful of the words, terms you use, and how you say them – as they could mistakably be misinterpreted or even blown out of proportion and cause problems or arguments.

Chinese Women Make Great Brides

Chinese Women – What Makes Chinese Girls so Popular?

Simply sexy and cute Chinese girlOne thing that swings the pendulum of popularity toward Chinese women is their stunning beauty. However, their beauty goes far beyond their looks and sensuality. Western men are drawn to them because of their many extraordinary traits.

One fine point, in a country like America where obesity runs rampant, is that Chinese girls tend to be thinner overall in comparison. They are sexually attractive, with all the right curves in the right places. This is due to the different eating habits within their culture.

They eat foods that are more natural and healthy than a lot of American women do. Their diet consists of many homegrown vegetables. You have to admit that Chinese women are really ‘hot’ and very well built. That makes Chinese brides all the more popular.

Chinese women are also notorious for having lovely skin. It gives them an air of sophistication, like a woman who is pampered and cared for. They take the time to take care of themselves, to be presentable and alluring. They also have a submissive nature, willing to serve their men.

They are friendly and warm companions. They find fulfillment and pleasure through helping others. They are giving and unselfish. That makes them really ‘hot’ to a lot of Western men.

Another good trait of Chinese women is their trustworthiness. They adhere to principles, and like having their place in a relationship. They seek honor by honoring the men in their lives. They are loyal and strive to make their relationships positive and respectful. They seek to honor their own lives and the lives of their families, by giving honor to others. They put others first, and that is very attractive.

Chinese Dating Sites Online

Magnificent China girl sitting on a couch wearing a green dressThe online Chinese dating sites offer lots of opportunities for finding Chinese brides. They are all looking for the same thing – Love, Romance, and a dream life with a loving spouse. They don’t like playing around about it, because marriage to them is very serious.

They look for life-long commitment, not just goofing around. If you go to Beijiing to visit your single lady of choice, you will see how serious they are. They are shy and timid, which seems backward to us. They are respectful and quiet, and won’t do much talking at first. Many Western men find them totally attractive and hot.

They see themselves as being ‘representatives’ of their husbands, and they make excellent housewives. They are clean and tidy, and meticulously get down to dealing with even the tiniest details.

If you decide to go onto Chinese dating sites, then register as a member so you can take part in the browsing process for singles. You can browse around and when you feel like you are compatible with a nice Chinese girl, you can begin a chat.

That will start the ball rolling as you exchange ideas and learn about one another. If you feel you would like to take it farther, and it’s mutual, then the relationship can progress from there. Some of the services available will have a small contacting fee once you reach that point in the conversation. It is your choice as to whether to go further or not.

These Chinese dating sites have been proven time and again to be reliable dating sites for meeting serious people for relationships. Your dream partner could be just a click or two away.

Chinese dating sites put YOU in control of finding your ideal life partner. Here is where you can interact with them, and learn if they are the ones you would like to take to the next level. You are in the driver’s seat, where you can find like-minded Chinese women who are looking for the same thing as you, and hold to the same values.

Serious relationships have to be between people who are like-minded, who like the same things, and share the same values. Without these basic principles, it is hard for relationships to last. That is part of what makes dating Chinese women online so appealing.

They take it serious enough to not waste time on what is likely to fail. They want to commit, but only to a relationship that is worth the commitment. This is the kind of environment that any serious ‘searcher of a life partner’ would love.

Chinese Girls and How They Find Their Relationships Online

Fresh-faced Chinese lady in a simple white dressThe Chinese culture is quite traditional and very much orthodox. They are not allowed to be as care-free and open about themselves as Western women. You can, however, see the change that has occurred, from them being exposed to Western influence, and to American culture and the media.

They now have equal power in choosing their life partners. The freedom of choice is very liberating to them. It has caused many of them to run to join the online dating sites to find the man and life of their dreams.

The Chinese women on these sites are blessed with great oriental beauty. They are popular in China, but also all around the world. Men from America, Italy, Australia, Canada, and more, are drawn to them.

Their faithfulness is one of the most beautiful and attractive characteristics for many men. Chinese women hold deep respect for their husbands. They acknowledge him as leader of the family. She will not leave, and will love you unconditionally. Her love to you is a commitment for life.

Why You Need to Pick a Chinese Girl Over Anyone

Beautiful Chinese WomanLooking for the love of your life is like playing toss coin. You never know if you are going to get heads or tails. You never know when you will win or lose. They say that no one should look for love because love will find its way to you when you are ready. However, sitting idly on the corner may not be the best thing to do if you are looking forward to have someone beside you very soon. If there is something that you really want, you need to make a move and reach for it.

It feels good to be in-love especially if you know that the person will always be there for you. Even a kid knows what it feels like to have a crush on someone and how heavenly it can be if that person likes you back. On the other hand, not everyone is lucky enough to find a perfect match. There are people who seem to be ideal and yet they are single and still looking. You may be one of those guys who tried to date every single girl in the community and yet you still cannot find that special one who can be your wife. Life can be tricky sometimes and for this, many people get depressed and hopeless when finding love.

If you are really eager to find a good wife, you need to be open to different options around you. Love can be found in many places, even in areas that you have not been to. You will never know if the right one is from another country or another continent unless you try and explore the world around you. It may be a bit challenging to find an ideal wife but once you have found her, the warmth will be overwhelming.

According to survey, Chinese girls are among the best women in the world. They can be ideal in almost anything. They can run a business, stay at home or do both. They are pretty and very polite which makes them attractive in and out. They have a slim physique which is very obvious if you observe Chinese models. Anyone would want a pretty, slim and intelligent wife that is why many guys all over the world seek Chinese girls because they are ideal in every single way. They are not loud like most girls and yet they have that distinct oriental quality that makes them stand out. If you are interested to find a Chinese wife, you can consult an agency or a match-maker and they will handle things for you. You just need to provide all the information that they need and you can start dating and looking for your potential partner in life.

Life is short and spending it with someone who is worth your love is truly rewarding. A Chinese wife who can be there for you at all times is something that you can cherish for a lifetime. Even the most wealthy people cannot be that happy if they have to live their lives alone. No man is an island. You have a choice to live a happy life with someone who can always be there for you, just like a Chinese girl.